This is pretty cool. The Paint Slingers are in Cheyenne this weekend putting their take of art on different buildings and places across the city. I absolutely loved it when they were here last year. The mural on Lincolnway and Pioneer may be my favorite in the city. But the one I saw on my drive in on 20th and Central, is a heavy contender.

Art is subjective, I get that. There are probably enough people that aren't fans of this type of artwork that don't want this in town. Fortunately, I hear less complaints about these awesome murals coming up in Cheyenne than I have in most cities I've lived in.

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Check this out.

Mat Murdock Townsquare Media
Mat Murdock Townsquare Media

I love how this looks. If you're not sure the building, it's across from Stitches on the corner of 20th and Central Ave in Downtown Cheyenne. I will say, they got this up quick! I drove to work yesterday morning and it was all old brick. I drove by around 7pm last night and it was completed. I love how they're able to transform these walls into something that's aesthetically pleasing to look at on your commute in to work.

The Paint Slingers will be around all weekend doing more art and murals throughout Cheyenne. I honestly can't wait to see where the next one is going to pop up! Don't forget that Paint Slingers is also connected to the 4-Ever West Tattoo Festival going on this weekend. It's going to be a weekend full of art and entertainment. This is just the first dish.

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