Stephen King famously woke up from a nightmare in the middle of his stay at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park.

That haunting dream experienced in room 217 while he and his wife were the 1909 hotel's only guests became the inspiration for "The Shining" book and film.

Guests often request room 217 when visiting the historic hotel built by Stanley Steamer founder F.O. Stanely and was also a set for the comedy film "Dumb & Dumber. "

Trip Savvy considers Room 217 to be the most haunted of seven rooms at the Stanley Hotel. Legends say the room is haunted by former housekeeper Elizabeth Wilson, who was injured in an explosion while lighting lanterns in the room during a 1911 storm.

You can reserve the room yourself. Just beware some guests have reported paranormal activity like items moved, unpacking of luggage and lights be turned on and off.

Here's a look inside as told by Amy's Crypt. Watch her full video tour below.

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LOOK INSIDE: Stanley Hotel's Most Haunted Room 217


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