Everything is expensive these days and on top of that list - or at least near the top - is housing in Colorado. Prices have been increasing over the past several years and show no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

There are however some places that are still at "reasonable prices", including this house in Eaton that is going for $252,000.

According to Property Shark, this property located at 228 Oak Street in Eaton is the least expensive home in Weld County.

This is strictly for single-family detached dwellings. I'm not including manufactured homes, condos/townhomes, 55 and over communities, or anything like that.

This particular house in Eaton is over 100 years old as it was built in 1919. And sure, it needs some work but at that price, you should have some flexibility to make it your own and turn this into a cute little cottage.

I stress the word little because it only has about 700 square feet of living space, and while this isn't something that a family of four probably would be interested in, this could make a cozy little place for someone.

The exterior has a fresh coat of paint on it and while the inside could use some updates, it's not bad at all. In my opinion, it's actually pretty charming.

It even has a decent size garage and backyard to go with it.

It's not perfect, but then again nothing really is, especially when you're talking about a house that's going for only $252K in this market. Let's check it out and take a deeper dive into what this home is all about.

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