Loveland is popping, in many different ways. Just like pretty much everywhere in Northern Colorado, the real estate market is absolutely insane, but with interest rates rising, it's becoming even harder and harder for buyers to fit something in their budget.

But, here's one in Loveland that - while it already has a pending offer on - is going for $335K.

Seems like it wasn't all that long ago that that amount of money could get you a mansion in Loveland, but those days are long gone.

According to Property Shark, this property at 351 3rd Street SE in Loveland that has 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom and only 700 square feet of living space is going for a cool $335K.

The home is pretty decked out, though, as it's been completely renovated and was actually being used as an Airbnb.

Sure, it's tiny and doesn't have a garage but it's really decked out nicely on the inside with some really cool renovations and would serve as a cozy home to a couple or someone looking to simply downsize.

There's not much you can get for $335K in real estate anywhere these days but especially in Colorado but let's take a quick little virtual tour and see exactly how much $335K will get you in Loveland these days.

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