I scream, you scream, we all scream for Churn Ice Cream...because we can't wait for it to open in 2018! 

scoop of vanilla ice cream

A couple of years ago, rumors were swirling around that Little Man Ice Cream may be opening up a second location in Fort Collins. Unfortunately, many people's ice cream dreams were melted, when Little Man was unable to build here because their signature, 28-foot-tall cream can did not comply with the city's sign code. Fast forward to 2017, where the inside scoop now, is that the popular Denver ice creamery is set to expand their brand with four new shops this summer – each with their own unique names and designs, and one of these locations being in Fort Collins.

Although it won't have the iconic cream can out front, the Fort Collins branch-off of Little Man, called Churn, will still have a very distinct appearance. The new-to-town shop, located in the 200 block of North College, will actually be serving up scoops out of a 22-foot-tall vintage lumber churn. The menu plans on featuring many of the original favorites, and will also include special flavors/treats that encompass our town’s heritage and agricultural roots. At all of their new locations, Little Man Ice Cream is still going to incorporate the Scoop for Scoop program, which helps to give back and make a difference all across the world.

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