The ACLU of Kansas and a law firm from Kansas City, Missouri have filed a federal court lawsuit against the Kansas Highway Patrol for unlawfully targeting motorists based on out of state plates, especially those on the main highway connecting Kansas with Colorado, according to KDVR.

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Data shows that 93% of the Kansas Highway Patrol's traffic stops in 2017 were out of state vehicles, which the court filing states is due to Colorado's legalized marijuana.

The lawsuit states that while patrolling the the area, officers are using what is known as the "Kansas Two Step." The practice is used to pull over and cite vehicles for minor traffic violations, walk away from the car and then return for more questioning. This then turns a required traffic stop into a consensual investigation.

When a driver denies carrying illegal substances, officers will ask to search the car. If the driver turns down the request, the officer can detain the driver for a canine drug search.

Source: KDVR  

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