It's game that's been created by a U.S.  Marine Corps veteran who also works at Hewlett Packard in Fort Collins. A game to help bring people together. It sounds like something we could use these days.

Top Tale is a game about sharing stories (tales) with family and friends, to better know one another. It was created by Peter Seiler who, according to North Forty News, had a Kickstarter campaign with the game late in 2020, but you can find it now at Amazon for $19.99.

It does sound like a game for all ages when they talk about kids playing:

Younger kids enjoy having everyone's attention while telling their stories

Isn't that the truth? But they'll also get a kick out of the adults telling their tales, too.

How Do You Play 'Top Tale?'

Basically, a topic is given and each player responds to the topic by telling story (a tale) based on the topic.

For example:

Your first run-in with the law

When everyone (who wants to) responds, everyone votes on who had the best tale, then that person will collect that card. Game play continues until someone has reached the 'winning amount' of cards.

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Not only are you trying to collect the most cards, but you're also getting information about folks that you may not have known. It's great way to bring up those stories that you may have forgotten, but are 'doozies.'

Seiler, a former Marine, has given many games to the Marines' 'Toys for Tots' program, and has been demonstrating and selling 'Top Tale' around the Wellington area for a while now. It's good to see a fun idea come to fruition.

Get more on the game's creator and the game's creation from North Forty News, HERE.

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