Last week I was feeling sorry for myself because I had to go without breakfast so my doctor could do some blood work. I was worried it would make me "Hangry". I posted it on Facebook and then I heard from my friend, who is a Las Vegas police officer. She is investigating the largest mass shooting in the history of our country. She shared a few thoughts with me that help me put things into perspective.

I'm still working this mass shooting. Sleep is a memory. Yesterday I tossed my shoes into the trash from the other night. Dried blood from walking around the war zone in the back emergency room at Sunrise Hospital wont make for a cute fashion statement next time i go to wear them. l had to go back where no one but medical personnel were allowed to do a search. Badge hanging from neck having to look at every horrified face searching for one of our unaccounted for officers.


Yesterday I spoke with other officers who walked around the scene, that had once been a fun place for concerts.
Bodies covered in sheets! Everywhere! They spoke of something unexpected that was occurring on this empty field scattered across thousands of feet of dust, dirt, clothing, and debris - hundreds of cell phones laying everywhere. Ringing. Not being answered. One of many phones belonging to a person laid next to her lifeless body face up the battery blinking low with text messages across the locked screen desperately pleading, "CALL ME!!"


I found the officer 3 hrs later that night and sat with him talking to him assuring him his wife was on her way to be with him. I thanked him for the hero he is in his kids life-dual career as our police officer AND current active military soldier. He didn't answer or engage me back because the life that was there earlier in the day was now gone. Now all I had to do was tell his wife coming into the room. Sunday has not ended. It is one long brutal day here still. Ill trade you days my friend. Just make this one go away quickly...

Las Vegas Police Officer Cin June
Courtesy of Cin June

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