Scott and Carrie Jo Koskie are two people who are always giving back, now they need your help.

Scott and Carrie Jo have given the community countless hours of horse lessons, 4-H BBQS and donations, boarding and feeding and caring for countless 4-H animals for others all over Larimer County. Over a decade ago, Carrie Jo started raising money for our 28 Hours of Hope with her school bus kids. Now it seems the whole town of Wellington has joined in. We lovingly call them the "Wellington Kids". They have raised tens of thousands of dollars over the years for kids who have suffered from child abuse in Northern Colorado.

On May 27th of 2017, Scott was in a ranching accident. Four-1400# bales of hay fell off of his trailer on top of him. He suffered from several injuries including his hip, 4 broken ribs, a shattered shoulder, collapsed lung and cuts and bruising. Scott was hospitalized for 5 days which included emergency surgery to repair his shoulder. At this time, it is unknown how long Scott will be out of work or how long the road to recovery is. Scott's employer does not offer short or long term disability and he does not have enough sick time to cover his time off.

A gofundme page was started to help Scott and Carrie Jo.

Wellington Kids at 28 Hours of Hop
Jenny Harding, For TSM

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