This story is something you would probably see on the Sci-Fi channel.  It's crazy. 100' Cypress trees are being swallowed whole and this massive sinkhole just keeps growing with no signs of stopping. The scary part is the Gulf of Mexico is possibly leaking in through abandoned caverns.

The sinkhole started last Spring when residents of Louisiana's Corne and Grand Bayou area saw weird bubbling for many weeks and also mentioned smelling burnt diesel fuel and sulfur. The cause of the sinkhole was attributed to an abandoned underground cavern used to store salt by a Texas brine company.  The Texas company has offered to buy all 92 properties in question but only 44 have taken the offer.  All residents are receiving about $875 per week and evacuations could last for years.

On August 3rd last year, the sinkhole finally gave way growing immediately to a size of about three football fields swallowing massive 100-foot tall cypress trees whole. A Declaration of Emergency was then issued on the 6th and 150 families were evacuated.

Getty Images, Bruce Bennett
Getty Images, Bruce Bennett

Fast forward to today, over one year later. The sinkhole is now around 28 acres and estimated to be at least 750' deep.  For an idea of how big that is, you could place two 'Liberty Islands' in this sinkhole with room to spare.  And the scary thing is officials say there is no signs of slowing as it just keep growing and swallowing everything in it's path.  In fact, the video directly below was just taken this morning: Thursday August 22nd, 2013.

Another major concern was that a major roadway, Highway 70, is right in the path and officials fear it's only a matter of time before the road becomes this sinkhole's next victim. Parish officials are trying to figure out what to do when and if that happens.

Another concern I heard this morning was the possibility of the Gulf of Mexico breaching in through these caverns. Cameras (video below) clearly show the water flowing back and forth in two directions...with the tidal flow. That can mean only one thing they say. The Gulf of Mexico is now eating it's way through these abandoned caverns and this gnarly sinkhole is making it much worse. In other words, they are both feeding off each other, in my opinion.  Other say it might be a volcano below.  Residents did smell lots of sulfur and what smelled like burnt diesel so who knows.  What I do know is this is very odd.

The problem has now become so severe that DOW chemicals who also use a cavern 2 miles away to store chemicals are removing 600,000 barrels of liquid propylene. Sounds pretty serious to me and a story I will be anxiously following.  I believe this will be getting much much worse before it gets better.

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