News anchor Kyle Clark is recruiting journalists for a new show coming to KUSA-TV in Denver.

Kyle Clark is best known not only for his good looks, but also his sarcasm and hatred of snow-covered patio furniture (see the hilarious video below), so I can only expect this new show he's putting together is going to be super entertaining! (He was also listed as a possible replacement for Michael Strahan on 'Live.')

Clark posted the following message on his fan page on Monday, April 25:

Hello Journalist Friends. I want YOU to work at 9NEWS.

We're building a team to work with me on a new kind of show. Picture all the things that are great about visiual journalism and none of the things that suck. Smart, funny analysis and context for our viewers/readers who want to go beyond headlines. Powerful storytelling and accountability journalism. The chance to call BS where we see it - to improve our community. No filler content, Car-Crash-Of-The-Day, or fluff. No breathless, shouty live shots from the scene of where something happened six hours ago. So basically the kind of journalism you'd actually want to watch/read.

We're especially looking for producers who want to  break free from stacking shows and building deadly boring full-screen graphics. Producers who are passionate about writing and storytelling.

He says that anyone interested should get in touch with him or his news director, Christy Moreno (via Facebook, I'm assuming). He doesn't mention what qualifications or level of experience he's looking for in potential candidates for the job, but I'm guessing that if you are involved in journalism in any way whatsoever, he'd love to hear from you.

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