The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office (JCSO) is trying to find out who was behind the heinous act of throwing a small dog out of a moving vehicle on Tuesday (Apr. 20).

According to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office Twitter page, a small dog was thrown from a moving black Lexus sedan at approximately 1:45 p.m Tuesday. The vehicle was traveling eastbound on I-76 just before Sheridan Boulevard.

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A news release regarding Tuesday's incident stated the following, according to the Denver Post: “Help us find the person who threw a small dog out of their car window... According to witnesses, the car was a black Lexus sedan and the dog appeared to be deliberately thrown from the moving vehicle.”

The cream-colored miniature poodle was in critical condition following the incident. A health care team from the Foothills Animal Shelter brought the dog in and made great efforts to save its life.

Despite the efforts of health care workers from both the Foothills Animal Shelter and those of a local emergency animal clinic, the dog's life was unable to be saved.

Anyone with information regarding Tuesday afternoon's incident, including any leads pertaining to a possible suspect in the matter, is asked to call 303-271-5070, or send an online tip to

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