It seems like we hear about new things related to smoking marijuana in Colorado every day. Since legalizing recreational weed, Colorado has been something of a guinea pig when it comes to laws, regulations, and marijuana-related activities.

However, one of the main obstacles that members of the marijuana industry have been trying to conquer for the last decade has been finding places where it's lawful to actually smoke weed beside the comfort of the user's home.

One such thing exists in the form of buses and while they're not quite everywhere at the moment, that could be changing soon.

Colorado May See More Weed Buses in the Near Future

Everything that involves legal marijuana in Colorado comes with a laundry list of licenses, regulations, and compliance with laws, and the idea of marijuana buses is no different.

Right now, The Cannabis Experience is operating in Denver but must follow strict rules. These include making sure that nearby vehicles can't see the riders on the bus smoking, the routes that these buses take must be planned ahead of time, and the bus must have proper ventilation so that the driver isn't exposed to the smoke.

The license that these types of business ventures must hold is called a marijuana mobile hospitality license and the city of Denver is currently accepting and reviewing applications.

In addition to The Cannabis Experience, a company called Colorado Cannabis Tours currently holds the license, and another company called Canna CabanaBus has applied for it as well.

While this type of business isn't currently the most popular, or even most well-known as far as cannabis in Colorado goes, it looks like that might be changing in the near future.


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