My girlfriend recently sent me a video on TikTok of a couple getting married in Denver. I saw the couple at first and rolled my eyes. But three seconds in I was hooked. Why? Because a cat was a legal witness at their wedding.

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We have cats in our household. Honestly, I think this is a hilarious idea and I would love to do it when I get married. However, there is no way I am ever getting one of my cats to leave the house.

A couple in Denver made headlines when they had their cat Momo be a legal witness at their wedding. While this may seem strange to some, others think it is a hilarious and unique way to include their furry friends in their special day.

This purrfect video shows a couple getting ready to sign their marriage license. The bride and groom grab their cat Momo, stamp its paw in ink and press it on their marriage license.

TikTok, @mandamoeckterry
TikTok, @mandamoeckterry

Since the video was posted, it has racked up millions of views. Colorado is not the only state that allows your four-legged best friend to see you say "I do".

23 states let your pet be a witness for marriage certificates.


TikTok, @theonlyaquarius
TikTok, @theonlyaquarius

100%. In fact, any animal can be a witness. So grab your pet guinea pig if you want. Colorado law doesn't specify what can or can not be a witness. Colorado does not require any witnesses thus you can have any witness you would like.

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