Can you solve what is inside The K99 Crate? This is your chance to win a guitar signed by none other than Tyler Hubbard.

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Here's how it works: We will reveal seven lucky clues. Each day, you'll have the opportunity to guess what is inside the K99 Crate. Every correct guess brings you one step closer to winning that prized, autographed guitar straight from Tyler himself.

🔎 Unravel the Clues, Claim Your Prize!

1️⃣Listen closely as we give clues about what is inside the box. We will also post the clues on our Facebook and Instagram.
2️⃣ Put your music knowledge to the test and submit your guess here.
3️⃣  All the correct guesses will be pooled, and one lucky winner will be randomly selected. Will it be you?

The K99 Crate will be located at the K99 booth at The Greeley Stampede if you would like to take a closer look.


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