With Halloween being right around the corner, plenty of haunted houses, corn mazes, and other fun spooky attractions are opening up all over the state of Colorado. However, one of these attractions is a little different than your typical haunted house. Keep scrolling to learn about Colorado's unique haunted junkyard.

Colorado Has a Haunted Junkyard Open for Halloween

If you've never heard of the Haunted Junkyard, it may come as a surprise to you that this year won't be its first being open in Colorado.

The Haunted Junkyard is located at 6530 Brighton Boulevard in the Denver suburb of Commerce City and according to the proprietors of the attraction, is a "real working junkyard."

Not only is it a real junkyard, but it's allegedly "cursed and haunted by the angered spirits of those who have died there," with strange creatures hiding around the old, beat-up cars and shacks.

The Haunted Junkyard opened its doors this year on October 5th and for the final two weeks of the month will be open seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 1 a.m.

The haunt is a quarter-mile long, handicapped-accessible, and has been described as "real dangerous," "real scary" and leaving its visitors, "shocked, trembling, and terrified."

The attraction's promotional video shows images of a disembodied head, a rusty old chainsaw, a blood-stained wall, and also just the regular old junk cars and assorted junk you typically find at junkyards.

The Haunted Junkyard encourages anyone with questions to call them directly at (303) 287-3075.

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