An event that took place in Durango, Colorado recently wasn't your typical beer-drinking competition, but nonetheless seemed to be a lot of fun for competitors and spectators alike.

Unique Beer Drinking Competition in Durango Colorado

The event took place this past Friday, January 2, 2024, at Carver Brewing Co. in Durango, Colorado.

While Durango is known equally as much for being a ski bum town and a college town, the brewery at which the competition was held is arguably just as iconic.

The competition took place at Carver's Brewing Co., a brewery that has been a staple in Durango since 1988 and was famously the second establishment of its kind to arrive in Colorado since prohibition.

The event featured teams competing in a "Beer Puppeteer" competition which is a far cry from contests you'd find at your typical Oktoberfest.

In essence, the two-member teams were tasked to consume one of Carver's signature beers via a sort of pulley system. One team member was in charge of delivering the plastic cup filled with beer to their teammate's mouth with minimum spillage, while the other team member attempted to get as much of the beer into their mouth and as little onto their clothes and the ground as possible.

As you'll see above, this contest was not just fun for the competitors but also for everyone in attendance who witnessed the hilarity.

It's unlikely that this was a competition that saw the contestants train in advance, but perhaps that made it even more of a fun time for everyone involved.

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