Sure, you can visit any "resort town" in Colorado to soak in the character of the West, but what if you don't like the crowds?

Peppered across Colorado are some of the tiniest towns and villages that boast charm, character, and magnificent views. Take a look at some of the smallest towns in western Colorado.

Why Should I Visit These Small Colorado Towns?

To be honest, the views should be enough to get you to make a stop.

While these towns may be small in population, they're giant in charm and great local businesses. Spending a bit of your hard-earned cash in Colorado is always a good thing.

Who knows, you may find your new favorite restaurant or trinket shop.

And think about it, getting there is half the journey, and you'll drive through some of the best scenery the state has to offer.

So the next time you're out and about, don't hesitate to stop into one of these great small towns.

How many of these small towns have you visited?

Smallest Towns in Western Colorado Boast Amazing Views

You may have driven through these towns, blinked, and missed them. Next time you're out and about, don't miss these awesome towns.

Gallery Credit: Tim Gray

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