When was the last time you were less than honest about something? Did you have to tell a little white lie? Maybe a great big whopper? Sometimes, a person lies because it makes them feel better. Other times, a person may think a lie will help someone else feel better.

Sadly, lying makes things worse. In Colorado, there are little things we lie to ourselves about all the time to get by. We asked you to tell us about some of the little white lies we tell ourselves in the Centennial State.

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Why Do Lies Make People Feel Better?

Sometimes, it just feels better to lie. Lies can seem like they end a dramatic situation you don't want to deal with. Only, eventually, the lie comes out. Some people lie to soften the truth because the truth hurts sometimes. Some people feel lying is an easier way to get through life without being disturbed. Check out this review from Quora about why some people feel better when telling lies.

Should You Lie To Make Others Feel Better?

The folks at NPR say it's just not ok to lie. Some people think white lies are nothing to worry about. Others are ok with white lies because they use them to help make someone feel better. Protecting someone's feelings by lying is a good way to fail someone you were trying to help.

Dishonest Colorado

Research by the group Gambling.com ranks Colorado as the 12th most dishonest state in the nation. They used factors like average monthly Google search for "tips on lying", "how to bluff", Google searches for "Ashley Madison," divorce rates, and state integrity scores.

Keep reading to see fifteen lies you told us that Coloradans are still telling ourselves and eachother, year after year.

15 Lies Coloradans Tell Ourselves Because It Helps Us Feel Better

Colorado is just as guilty as any other state. We tell little white lies when it makes us feel better about something we don't like. Can you think of a lie that Coloradans tell themselves? We asked this question on our mobile app and have focused on the top fifteen answers in the gallery below.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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MORE: Lies Grand Junction Tells Ourselves To Get Through The Day

Do you find yourself telling little fibs in order to conjure up a little extra steam. Hey, sometimes it's what we need to get us through the day. I asked on Facebook, "What is a lie you tell yourself to get through the day." Here are a few of your replies.

Gallery Credit: Waylon Jordan

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