Do you have plans to fly out of Denver's International Airport in 2024? How long has it been since you reviewed the list of items prohibited from checked bags at DIA?

Keep going for a list of reminders about seventeen items that are not permitted in checked baggage in Denver, Colorado, and at most airports in America in the gallery below.

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Denver International Airport
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Leave Smart Bags and Smart Clothing At Home

These days, everything is smart. Smart clothing, smart bags, smart everything. These items are so intelligent they have been banned from being on a plane as a carry-on or in your checked baggage. It's due to the lithium batteries in these items that are non-removable.

Sorry McFly, No Hoverboards

Denver International Airport can not allow a hoverboard on an airplane as a checked item. Lithium or Lithium-Ion batteries are not allowed in checked bags. In some instances, you may be able to carry this item on board, depending on how large the battery is.

Hazardous Materials

Sometimes, we can accidentally pack an item in our luggage that is not allowed. Items like power packs to charge cell phones and electronic devices go in your carry-on, not in a checked bag. Keep going to see what other items you may want to take with you for your trip that is considered too hazardous to check in your suitcase.

17 Items Banned from Checked Bags at Denver’s Airport

You may be familiar with items you are not allowed to pack in your carry-on bag, but how long has it been since you looked at the list of items banned from checked baggage? Keep reading to check out seventeen reminders about items you should not place in your suitcase before heading to Denver International Airport.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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