If you are putting together your "bucket list" for the 2024 Colorado hiking season, there is one trail that you should absolutely have your eyes on. One of Western Colorado's best hiking experiences is the Blue Lakes Trail in the San Juan Mountains.

This popular trail offers some of the best mountain views in Southwestern Colorado and features three beautiful blue mountain lakes.

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Colorado's Blue Lakes Trail

Colorado's Blue Lakes Trail is an 8-mile roundtrip hike. The trail offers incredible views of Mount Sneffels and Wolcott Mountain and leads to Lower Blue Lake, Middle Blue Lake, and Upper Blue Lake at nearly 11,750 feet. You'll pick up about 2,300 feet of elevation before you make it to Upper Blue Lake. Take your time and enjoy the views

Enjoy Spectacular Mountain Views and Colorful Lakes

Rocky Mountain Hiking Trails reports the Blue Lakes Trail gains about 500 feet of elevation per mile. This hike is strenuous and you'll see lots of other people on this trail on a sunny day so you'll be in good company as you head to the top. The trail starts around 9,350 feet at the trailhead. The higher you go the steeper the trail gets

Do I Need A Permit To Hike Blue Lakes Trail

As of today, you do not need a permit to hike the Blue Lakes Trail, but many feel this is about to change. The Ouray News reported a story earlier in the year that permits are coming soon for Blue Lakes Trail due to its popularity. A Forest Service plan to introduce permits is being discussed for 2025.

Keep going to take a virtual tour of the Blue Lakes Trail, and find out why it is one of Colorado's most popular hiking trails.

Hike the Spectacular Blue Lakes Trail In Western Colorado

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