"The Greatest Sneaker Show on Earth" is on its way to the Mile High City, bringing thousands of sneaker fans to town. Will former President Donald Trump's new high-tops be a part of the event?

Sneaker Con hits 20 cities across the world each annually; when it comes to Denver it will be at where the "big blue bear" looks in the window: the Colorado Convention Center.

With the amount of collectors coming to trade and sell shoes, the event is going to need a lot of space.

Colorado Convention Center - The Big Blue Bear

It's known to be one of the best days you can have, if you are a "shoe fanatic," or maybe if you're just interested in seeing "shoe fanatics."

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When Will SneakerCon Be in Denver?

The Colorado Convention Center will be hosting the event on Saturday, March 30, 2024, from Noon until 7 p.m. Seven hours of pure "sneaker joy" for thousands.

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Most will be from Colorado, but this event is so big, it would not be surprising to find out folks from Wyoming, Nebraska and Kansas will be in town, too.

How Much Are Tickets to Sneaker Con in Denver?

They go for $30. Attendees that want to sell shoes, can only bring in what they can carry. Dollies, carts, wagons and hand trucks, are not allowed inside.

What Are Donald Trump's New Shoes?

When SneakerCon was held in Philadelphia, former President Donald Trump arrived to introduce his new high-tops: the "Never Surrender" high-tops, with gold lame, and a U.S. flag on the side.

Trump "Never Surrender" Shoes
Getty Images

How Much are Donald Trump's New High Tops?

The shoes list for $399. The website that they are being sold on, GetTrumpSneakers.com has already sold out of the high-tops and the low-tops. Can can still pre-order for when the become available.

Will the "Never Surrender" High-Tops be at Sneaker Con Denver?

That doesn't seem likely at this time; but after the success after being in Philadelphia, there is a possibility that there will at least be one pair on display.

The next U.S. stop for Sneaker Con is in Seattle on February 24, 2024; it will be interesting to see what happens there.

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