It's a story about a crime in Colorado that will make you triple-check things next time that you need a mover. Moving is never fun, and a story like this one does not help.

A couple moved from Colorado to Bloomington, Indiana, while their things were being moved by a Colorado company. They'd soon find out that their things weren't coming.


Getting ripped-off is one of the worst experiences a person can go through. You feel embarrassed, humiliated, furious, all at the same time. When it's a rip-off that includes all of your belongings, the horrible experience is multiplied.

Where Was This Colorado Mover Located?

According to the Greeley Tribune, this particular moving company, H&M relocation Services, is/was based out of Aurora, off of I-225 and 6th Avenue, within a self-storage facility.

How Did the Moving Company Rip People Off?

It's a pretty simple con: H&M picked up belongings and just kept them; they never delivered the customers' belongings.

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The owner of the company was convicted in February of 2024 in the theft of over $150,000 in belongings that were supposed to be moved to Indiana, but never were.

Weeks went by with H&M not responding to the family who had moved from Weld County. Imagine, thinking that your stuff was on the way and nearly a month goes by without a whisper. Who wouldn't be furious?

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The company had ripped off other customers prior to this 2021 incident, as well. Maybe this $150,000 "heist," was intended to be the owner's last, before selling all the items and getting out of town.

In the end, justice was served, and the owner of H&M is looking at a possible 24 years in prison.

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