With all the excitement surrounding Buc-ee's in Colorado opening up, the fact that a historic gas station in the state is becoming its own destination, may be getting overshadowed.

Sure, Buc-ee's is widely popular across America, but at its basics, it's a gas station. Colorado has a gas station that is a piece of literary history, and is set to become a destination of its own.

Johnson's Corner in Longmont is Historic

You've probably heard of the Johnson's Corner along I-25 in the Johnstown area, but don't be hard on yourself if you're not familiar with the historic Johnson's Corner that was/is in Longmont.

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Johnson's Gas, opened by Joe Johnson, was on south Main in Longmont, beginning in 1937 as a gas station and place to eat. According to the Longmont Leader, the building was designed by a popular Denver architect Eugene Groves.

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Groves like to use concrete in his designs, including Longmont's Johnson's Corner. It's great to imagine how "interesting" the building must have looked to travelers on Highway 287 and to it's customers, back in 1937.

Johnson's Corner is Featured in Classic Novel

In 1957, Jack Kerouac released "On the Road," about his travels with friends across America in 1947. Among entries for that trip, was a stop at Longmont's Johnson's Corner.

Former Colorado Gas Station Becoming New Gathering Hot Spot

Kerouac's Johnson's Corner now resides, not very far from its original location, in the Prospect neighborhood of south Longmont at 111 Neon Forest Circle. It's there that it will become a place that people are going to seek out.

Johnson's Corner Gas in Longmont
Google Maps

I went to find Johnson's Gas in March of 2024, as it's going through its renovations, by Nassar Development. They envision it to be like before, a place for people to gather and create.

It's really coming along.

Johnson's Corner in Longmont
TSM/Dave Jensen

Take a look at how they envision the new Johnson's Gas:

Historic Gas Station in Colorado Getting Massive Renovation

Johnson's Corner Gas first opened in south Longmont in 1937. Jack Kerouac stopped there on his travels that became, "On the Road."

Nassar Development is renovating the old building to become a new place to gather, eat, and create.

Gallery Credit: Dave Jensen

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