The new Buc-ee's in Johnstown, Colorado, has been causing quite a stir since it opened.

Many will stop by Buc-ee's on their way to Rocky Mountain National Park; an additional stop on the way will fit right in with the huge gas station. Perhaps something to help wash down those tasty nuggets.

It's definitely exciting for those that love Buc-ee's to have one located in Northern Colorado. People visited the new store in throngs after it opened, for many days afterward.

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It occurred to me that there's a great opportunity to pair Buc-ee's with a craft brewer that is not only not far from Buc-ee's in Johnstown, but also on the way to Rocky Mountain National Park.

Loveland Craft Brewer That Centers Around a Beaver

Buc-ee's is all about Bucky the Beaver; he's everywhere. He's on hundreds of items inside the store, and his face is on the outside of the gas station. You can't miss him.

In west Loveland, there's a craft brewer that's been in business since 2010, and they, too, are all about a beaver. They're Big Beaver Brewing.

Big Beaver Brewing
Facebook/Big Beaver Brewing

Tucked off of north of Highway 34/Eisenhower Boulevard in west Loveland, just west of Wilson Avenue, you'll find a little complex; one of the businesses there, on the north side of the building is Big Beaver.

Big Beaver Brewring
Facebook/Big Beaver Brewing

Big Beaver Brewing doesn't take themselves too seriously (clearly, as you look at the names of their beers,) but they do take their craft seriously. More than dozen years in, they're still at it: Having fun, making beer, and serving brauts.

Our beers feature domestic and imported hops. We use more than 8 different strains of yeast and never, ever use adjuncts like rice or corn. Beer at the Big Beaver is never filtered, pasteurized, or centrifuged so you get the maximum aroma, taste, and mouth feel of beer as it should be... simply delicious.

Maybe they can team up for some promotions, like "show your Buc-ee's Beaver item/receipt to get $1 off a Big Beaver beer;" that would be a lot of fun, and keep things local.

MORE @ Buc-ee's: 10 'Must Get' Items at Buc-ee's

Most items on the list won't last long, but a couple you can keep in the cupboard for a substantial amount time; break them out for guest: "Oh, yes, we got this at Buc-ee's, right after they opened. Well, it wasn't RIGHT after they opened, that would have been crazy."

Gallery Credit: Dave Jensen

Inside Colorado's Buc-ee's

Texas-born Buc-ee's has arrived in Johnstown, Colorado. Over 100 fuel pumps outside, and 74,000 square feet of "Buc-ee's" inside.

Gallery Credit: Dave Jensen


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