Priscilla Block is analyzing a love gone wrong in her latest song, "Me Pt. 2," released Friday, Jan. 13. The song, written solely by Block, finds her singing from the perspective of a woman comparing herself to her ex-love's new partner and finding quite a few similarities.

"I hope you're happy / You said you never had a type / She's just like me / Likes her heels high, hair curled lightly / I hope you're happy," she sings in the first verse, spotting all the similarities between herself and her ex's new girlfriend.

She launches into the heartbreaking chorus, in which she wonders what qualities the other woman possesses that she possibly doesn't. She continues to repeat the line, "I hope you're happy," and sums up her ex's new love, calling her, "Me part two."

"I heard she's five foot some change / Amazing grace, a little crazy / What is it she does that adds up that I couldn't do? / I hope you're happy you found me part two," she sings.

Block says the tune is one of the most "honest" she's ever penned, and the idea came to her in the middle of the night.

“It was 2 o'clock in the morning — just me, my guitar and a piece of paper," Block says of the tune. "Sometimes it’s the simplest songs that hit the most, and for me, 'Me Pt. 2' is that."

"Me Pt. 2" will appear on the deluxe version of Block's Welcome to the Block Party album, available Feb. 10. The deluxe version of album will feature three other brand new songs: "Getting Even," "Little Bit" and "Off the Deep End."

"This past year was really big for me, especially releasing my debut album," she continues. "When we were selecting songs for Welcome to the Block Party we had so many songs to choose from, which is why I’m super excited for the deluxe album. Four more songs that complete the Block Party era."

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