Jana Kramer's currently nearing full-term with her third child — her first with fiancé Allan Russell — but this baby will also be her last.

During an appearance on the Kelly Clarkson Show on Tuesday (Oct. 24), Kramer left no room for doubt on where she stands regarding having more children.

"Baby No. 3, and done. I told the doctor, I was like, 'Take everything out that you can take out,'" the singer, actor and podcast host jokes to show host Kelly Clarkson.

Kramer announced her pregnancy in June, shortly after she and Russell shared that they were engaged. The singer, who is expecting a baby boy, is also mom to 7-year-old daughter Jolie and nearly-5-year-old son Jace, whom she shares with ex-husband Mike Caussin. Kramer and Caussin divorced in 2021, after dealing with infidelity on Caussin's behalf multiple times in their relationship.

Kramer's fans met Russell shortly after the couple began dating at the top of this year. He is a former professional soccer player who hails from Glasgow, Scotland, and has also served as a coach for the English Football League's Norwich City Football Club.

During her appearance on the Kelly Clarkson Show, Kramer, who's 39, admitted that she was a little surprised at how easily she got pregnant.

"Well, I didn't honestly think we could. My fiancé and I were talking about it, [because] I've had multiple miscarriages, and I'm about to be 40. I didn't know. And our first month trying, [I got pregnant,]" she continues.

Her due date's still not for a few weeks — Kramer says she's due on Dec. 2, her 40th birthday, but she's planning to deliver via C-section a week and a half beforehand. But the singer says she's feeling as well as can be expected, given her nearly-full-term pregnancy.

"I was having some contractions [backstage], I was like, 'It's just Braxton Hicks, we're fine!'" Kramer jokes. (Braxton Hicks contractions or "practice contractions" are a form of labor preparation for the uterine muscles, and can happen anytime during the second or third trimesters of pregnancy, according to the National Library of Medicine).

Still, Kramer can't wait to meet the final member of her family.

"I just wanna see what he looks like, and just hold him," she says. "It's a beautiful thing that we've created something, and I didn't think this would be my story."

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