There is one Northern Colorado distillery that is near and dear to my heart. This distillery was the first place where I was able to do an in-depth whiskey tasting and pick up on actual notes of the vanilla, bread, and other amazing undertones that bourbon can have.

The tasting course was so great that I took a few of my friends there that were not into drinking bourbon and they had a wonderful time. So much so that they started to appreciate whiskey and bourbon too. Unfortunately, this Fort Collins distillery will be closing later this summer after being open for nearly a decade.

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Fiesty Spirits located in Fort Collins posted the decision to close on Facebook on Monday, April 10.

We have come to the extremely difficult decision to close Feisty at the end of July. It has been incredibly challenging lately for a lot of small businesses. The ups and downs of the last several years has taken a lot of our energy out of us, and we've decided it is in our best interest to move on.

Fiesty Spirits said that the decision was not in any way easy to make and the distillery is proud of the many fine products that it has created while receiving winning medals and awards.

Fiesty Spirits will have a final dinner and spirits pairing at Jay's Bistro on Wednesday, July 12, and a 10-year tasting room celebration on Saturday, July 15. Fiesty Spirits closed out the announcement by saying that they appreciate all the wonderful years shared in the tasting room and the connections made with all of the customers.

You can see the full announcement of the closure of Fiesty Spirits HERE.

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