I will never forget what that day was like 9 years ago today and neither will anyone else who was around Windsor and all of Northern Colorado that day. It was on this date, May 22, 2008 that a huge tornado ripped through our town of Windsor. I can still picture us sitting at the Greeley Stampede Kickoff Luncheon when we got word of the severe weather approaching Windsor.

The whole place emptied out quickly as we raced towards Windsor so we could cover the storm on the air. We had no idea that the twister had just jumped over our building and somehow left it intact...so many others were not as lucky. I will never get the image of pulling into to town and seeing the huge trees in the cemetery on edge of town toppled over, out of my head. The memories of walking through the town and seeing our residents helping each other dig out the rubble just minutes after the twister hit is something that will never leave me.

There are a lot of folks who will never enjoy a thunderstorm again after the trauma that came from that severe weather that day. Our town has pieced itself together but there are still some reminders here and there of that day. We can and have replaced or repaired most things but we will never be able to replace the life lost that day. Today we think of and remember Oscar "Mike" Manchester who did not survive that day. Today is a day in our history that we will never forget.

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