Please don't tell me this is a bad omen.

The spooky season is upon us. It's a time of haunts and frights, but I'm learning there are also Halloween pranks that happen this time of year. Most that I've seen has been toilet papering someone's house or scaring people while wearing a creepy mask.

Well, my house got egged.

Actually, that's not entirely true. My house got one egg. Uncracked. And not on my house. Just one whole egg.

And it's kind of freaking me out.

So here's the backstory. I took my dog out in one morning this week before going to work. I scanned the yard as I usually do to make sure there aren't any critters out there while Ollie does his business. I didn't see anything.

After work, I take him out again and BOOM. There's an egg in the yard. Like, in the middle of the yard away from all the trees. And it's a fairly large egg, like the size a chicken would produce. It's all white, it doesn't feel warm and appears to be unharmed in any way.

My first thought is that some giant predator bird snatched this from a chicken coop nearby and dropped it on the way home. Maybe our grass kept it from busting open when it hit the ground.

Then I thought, maybe someone threw it at our house. Well, our house sits kind of far from the street so if some kid threw it, he better be drafted for the majors like Rookie of the Year.

Now I'm thinking it's either a Halloween prank or something superstitious. Has this ever happened to you? Did you win the lottery the following week? Please tell me this is a sign of good things to come because I think we could all use some good stuff nowadays.

Perhaps I should anticipate this being a good sign. After all, eggs are the epitome of new life, new beginnings and hope. Just like a baby in the womb, you can't help, but feel awe contemplating the miracle of life. It's the promise of something beautiful and wonderful.

Yeah, I think I'll go with that... hope.

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