While we folks in Colorado love our dogs, this new study says that we're not as good to our pets, as far as creating fun and safe dog park spaces for them to play, as we should be.

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Colorado Not Rated Highly On Top Dog Park States List


My amazing general manager has a saying as far as pets go in Colorado. He says people love their pets as much as they do their own children. Specifically dogs in Northern Colorado. Would you agree? I never had a dog for too long growing up, but that's because of allergies. My family now has an absolutely insane Jack Russell terrier named Bella. She's all about taking walks and playing, but "luckily" for me she's a yapper dog, so she doesn't behave herself too well at dog parks. For that reason, I'm not familiar with Colorado's current dog park landscape. But according to a new study, Colorado is really lacking in that department.


My pals at LawnStarter did a study to find the best cities for dog parks across the U.S. And Colorado wasn't nearly as high as I assumed we would be. Sadly, we didn't even make the top 30 on the list. The company based its rankings on access to dog parks per 100,000 residents, quality of those dog parks, historical weather information, and more. After all of its research and tabulating, Colorado's best dog park city was Aurora, and it's ranked at number 33 with a score of only 36.49. The second-best ranked Colorado city was Colorado Springs at 43, and Denver way down at number 58. Northern Colorado didn't even make the list. The top-ranked city was San Francisco, California, and the worst was Cleveland, Ohio.

What can we do to up our dog park game not just in Colorado but in Northern Colorado specifically? For as much as NoCo loves its dogs, this study blows our minds.

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