Former Denver Broncos player and Super Bowl 50 champion, Kayvon Webster, might not be playing football anymore, but that doesn't mean he isn't still bringing the heat. Webster teamed up with Miami food blogger, Starex Smith, to open Smith & Webster last year in Miami, Florida and the food looks nothing short of amazing.

Smith & Webster is a take on elevated American cruising with a southern influence and features mouthwatering entrees such as the Lump Crabcake, Bourbon Glazed Smoked Short Ribs, Jerk Chicken Pasta, Braised Turkey, and more. Oh, and the drinks look and sound pretty on point too.

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I have been following Kayvon Webster on Twitter for a long time and on February 2, he posted something that immediately caught my attention.

I want to open up a restaraunt in Colorado yall deserve this greatness!

The tweet said. I couldn't agree more.

Many of Webster's followers on Twitter share the same sentiment as I do. Bring Simth & Webster to Colorado. The initial tweet was followed up by another.

Webster replied to tweets about opening the restaurant saying those places are on my list of places to have a location... Stay tuned. We will Kayvon, we will. I would love for Smith & Webster to come to Colorado. Even though we can't taste a photo, we can certainly imagine what the food at Smith & Webster is like.

Of course, those that have a trip coming up to Miami can always visit on their escape to the sunshine state of Florida. If you do decide to venture down to Miami and eat at Smith & Webster, I expect a full report.

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