For the self-proclaimed quiet guy, it was supposed to be a nice day of Cheyenne fishing. Now everyone is asking about the shape that has the city in a frenzy.

According to Blake Foster's Facebook page, he was enjoying a wonderful day of ice fishing in Cheyenne's Absarraca Lake, when he saw an eerie figure before him from under the ice.

He wasn't able to tell if it was an animal, human or something else, but the photo left him with an unsettling feeling.

According to Foster, he notified the Cheyenne Police Department and they are fully aware of the situation in case the shape is not an illusion. Many others are curious as to what he saw on that day he went ice fishing.

What do you think? Is it animal or body? Or is it just a weird optical illusion? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

UPDATED: Police has said it is nothing more than a mere optical illusion.

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