Compared to most places, Cheyenne is one of the cheaper cities for housing and/or cost of living. But especially housing. We show up near the top of the list for the least expensive housing in the country every time. However, as it is in any city, your housing cost also depends on where in the city you might live and what amenities are to your standards. While most everyone looks for the most affordable housing they can whether it's owning or renting, where in Cheyenne do you think the most expensive apartment in Cheyenne is and how much is it?

In searching several sites for housing in Cheyenne and what the most expensive cost may be to rent an apartment, the most expensive spot showed up through its listing at

A fully furnished townhome in north Cheyenne with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms is the spot that we found as being the most expensive spot to rent. And it definitely deserves that title given the upscale finish it brings. The appliances throughout the house are stainless steel, there's a 52-inch LED HDTV, hardwood floors, vaulted ceilings, a fully fenced backyard that extends out from a patio coming off the master bedroom, and one of the bedrooms doubles as an office. The townhome also includes washer and dryer units and is finished off with granite countertops. All in 2,000 square feet.

All that sounds great, right? So how much is it? The most expensive apartment in Cheyenne is $2,550 per month. The spot is located at 410 Appletree Ct in north Cheyenne. So let's get a look at this thing!...

The Most Expensive Apartment for Rent in Cheyenne

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