I have talked and written endlessly about my life change and losing all the weight with Benchmark Medical Group in Windsor. Losing 140 pounds was a lot of work and dedication but keeping it off is just as hard. I am proud that I have done that for over a year now. I must admit that I fell off the healthy wagon and jumped into the bad food El Camino over the holidays. Those darn cookies were just too inviting but thankfully I know what to do.

Last year over the holidays I gained about 15 pounds and was shocked. It took me about a month but I was able to lose it again. All the things I learned during my weight loss helped me know what to do to get it off and I will need to to do so again. I have not stepped on a scale but I will guess I have about 10 more pounds than I would like on me. Today we start getting rid of that and becoming the vehicle I need to be to drive me to success in 2019. Many make a resolution to get healthier and usually give up by about January 12. There is nothing wrong with enjoying the holiday foods and drink, just know that now there is work to do to pay off the fun we had.

Life feels so much better when you feel good. Let this be the year of YOU. Get back to the grind today and stay with it. You and your family and friends will be better for it. Good luck and take care of you. Good luck with the cookie weight removal. I plan to be in my best fighting shape by the Habajeeba Show. See you then and we will share a cookie.

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