I was the music director here at K99 for about 30 and during that time I made a lot of right decisions and I made a lot of wrong ones. I like to think that I was pretty good at figuring out what was going to be popular and what might go down in flames. One mistake I would like to own up to right now is being wrong about Kane Brown.

When Kane first came out I was hesitant. I did not really see the appeal of this guy. I thought he was young country boy band kind of want to be artist. I could not have been more off on him. He is steeped in country from his cap to his tennis shoes and has tried to show us that from day one but some of us were a little slow to come to the party. I preordered his new album "Experiment" and so far, it is one of the best things I have heard all year. He has released 5 of the 12 songs and they are all fantastic so far. He shows immense growth on this project both lyrically and vocally. There are some good slow jams for lovers, some party songs and some just damn good music. I am now sold and feel a bit stupid for not getting it at first. I am never too proud to let you know when I make a mistake and being late to the Kane Brown party was one of them. Get your copy ordered today and get your ears ready for a treat.

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