Tattoos are now helping women who have dealt with breast cancer.

The applications can look just like the areola and nipple, or custom art can help to cover scars from surgery.

Great idea, right?

It is case specific and may not work for everyone. Those that it does work have enjoyed spectacular results.

Lillie Shockney head the breast clinic at John's Hopkins and has had a nipple tattooed on her reconstructed breasts. She had a double mastectomy due to breast cancer years ago, and now willingly shows them to her patients that may be able to use the treatment as well.

Their reaction?

They say, 'Oh my gosh! Are those real?'

Watch the video for the rest of the touching story.

There is even a national charity organization that is doing this free in various cities on Oct. 10. I'll have them on the my show and this blog next week!

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