I consider myself very brave! However, there is a huge difference between brave and just plain nuts and I think this video falls into the latter category. Would you do it?

Brave does not do justice for these three guys riding their bikes on the Radwanderung Trail which is in the heart of the Garnitzenklamm Gorge in Austria. As you can see, the trail is extremely steep and narrow trail that is not for the timid. r

The trail which barely hugs the side of the mountain is not for beginning riders and death is pretty much a sneeze away with loose cliffs bordering the entire trail.

It is said that the Gorge has "breathtaking" views of the Mediterranean Sea and amazing waterfalls but I'm not sure how you see any of it because if you blink, it could be your last.

Is there enough money in the world to do this on a bet? I'd rather take my chances walking through a pit of rattlesnakes. How about you?

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