While the NFL season is starting to wrap up, our focus is shifting to other sports in Colorado. Is anybody else still celebrating the Denver Nuggets winning the NBA Finals last year?

Sure, the Nuggets are 30 games into the new season, but it has been nice to focus on professional sports in Colorado that are doing well. Also, the Colorado Avalanche has been a ton of fun to watch this season.

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There is one team in Denver that struggles, but as fans, we still have a ton of fun at their games. We are talking about the Colorado Rockies.

Colorado Rockies Fans Know How to Have Fun


The last time the Colorado Rockies went to the playoffs was in 2018. Since then, there have been a lot of rough seasons to sit through.

Going to a Rockies game is a ton of fun though. I will admit, I only went to one game last year, but I had a blast. I am a firm believer that you have to try to not have fun at Coors Field. The food and environment is great.

When I went last summer, there was a major thunderstorm and there were delays. And it was my favorite game that I've been to.

Colorado Rockies: Biggest Drinkers in Baseball?


The folks over at NJ Online Gambling have rated the MLB fans that drink the most and Colorado Rockies fans have made the top 10. Rockies fans drink the sixth most out of the 30 teams in the league.

Is this because the Rockies are bad? I would guess so. When I go to games I typically say, "Well... we are getting our butts kicked. Want to get another beer?".

Rockies fans on average have 3.6 drinks a game and spend $40. How could you go to Coors Field and not have a Coors?

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