Construction projects on and around Northern Colorado roads seem never-ending... and if you thought there was an end in sight, think again.

On Tuesday, June 7, road work officially began on Colorado Highway 392; a half-mile stretch of the road located in the western part of Windsor, CO is set to be widened during the project, in an effort to keep road traffic flowing efficiently.

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According to the Coloradoan, the $2.7 million road construction project will widen Colorado Highway 392 from 17th Street to Colorado Boulevard (Weld County Road 13), expanding the road from its current two lanes to four lanes.

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In addition, the project seeks to expand CO 392's intersection with Colorado Boulevard to accommodate all four lanes, as well as transition lanes which will narrow out from four lanes to two lanes as the highway approaches the Poudre River Bridge.

How long will phase one of construction on CO Highway 392 take?

The short answer: a while - but not as long as some other road construction projects (I'm looking at you, I-25).

Road construction along CO 392 is reportedly expected to take six months.

Why? Windsor civil engineer Omar Herrera said in order complete road construction without completely closing CO 392, the project had to be split into phases, which lengthened the project timeline into November 2022.

During the road project, a new water line will be installed on the south side of Highway 392; however, water line work could potentially be delayed until next year due to supply chain issues, according to Herrera.

How will traffic be affected during road construction on CO Highway 392?

Herrera said that the goal is to keep two lanes of CO 392 traffic open during the six-month-long project.

He added, however, that travel may be limited to one lane in each direction, but those periods should be "rare and in short duration when they happen", the Coloradoan reported on Tuesday (June 7).

Colorado Boulevard south of Colorado 392 will stay open during construction but might require lane shifts at times, as well as a potential road closure once waterline construction makes it to the other side of the road.

Once paving occurs as part of widening along the north edge of CO 392, Colorado Boulevard will be closed north of the highway.

More Road Construction On The Way

Even once November comes around, after this current project is completed, the road project along CO Highway 392 in Windsor is set to get even bigger.

According to the Coloradoan, the city of Windsor is seeking at least $20 million in funding to widen the highway from two lanes to four lanes from Colorado Boulevard - 1.5 miles west to Highland Meadows Parkway, where it is currently four lanes to I-25; the project would also reportedly involve expanding the bridge over the Poudre River and adding a 10-foot wide multiuse path next to the highway that would connect to the Poudre Trail.

However, it could be years until this plan comes to fruition.

Over the last year alone, the city of Windsor, CO has invested $4.5 million into the revamping of CO Highway 392 - and there are, seemingly, no signs of stopping now.

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