When it comes to the high prices of Colorado's real estate over the past decade or so, who's to blame? Many people will be quick to jump on Texas transplants, but they are wrong. What about California? Well, those that have firmly held the belief that those from the Golden State could be partially to blame can have their "I TOLD YOU SO" moment.


According to KDVR, Californians are responsible for making Colorado so expensive. Not just any California resident, however. California transplant's large salaries are mainly responsible for the jump in Colorado home prices from the late 2010s and into the 2020s.

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In the first quarter of 2022, over 17 percent of Redfin real estate searches originated from the state of California.


Fort Collins

Colorado Springs

Every annual quarter since 2017, California has has the largest out of state housing searches in the state of Colorado. KDVR states that IRS data points show the state of California being the largest state source of relocations to the state of Colorado too.

Why the major increase in housing prices?

KDVR states that in the past five years, people moving into Colorado have had much higher budgets when it comes to home buying than Colorado residents.

In 2020, people wanting to move to Colorado from out of state had housing budgest 16.5 percent higher than those already living in the state of Colorado. The 16.5 percent higher budget equates to approximately $100,000.

2021, transplants had 15 percent more to spend on housing in Colorado and through June 2022, 11.8 percent more than those living in Colorado.





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