Hey Hollywood, I think you are missing the boat on two great possibilities for movies that would be awesome to see. There are a couple stories from our country music history that are just waiting to be made. You need to make a movie on the life of Keith Whitley and the life of Chris LeDoux.

While both would be great to see the LeDoux project is a no brainer. This is such a great story. He went from a rodeo superstar to a superstar in music all while being a real gentleman, husband, father and a real cowboy. This story needs to be told but who would be able to pull off playing Chris.

I wrote about this idea a few years ago and many thought Chris' son Ned would be perfect. I said that Robert Taylor, who plays Longmire, would be the one.

Roberty Taylor

I have had a change of opinion. I now think Scott Eastwood is the guy who could pull it off. How about you? Who do you think would be a perfect Chris LeDoux in a movie on his life?

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