So, is Garth Brooks coming to Cheyenne Frontier Days in 2021? I ask because, in this video that Garth recorded for CFD's "365 to 125 Campaign" last year, it seems like he said he may becoming. But he never says get too specific. Here, watch it yourself:

See! He says "Hey Cheyenne Garth Brooks here proud to say I cannot wait to see you for the 125th."

He said he can't wait to see us! But, does that mean he'll be doing a concert in July 2021 at Frontier Park? What he said is not really an announcement. There was no confirmation from the CFD folks or Garth. Even though there were some over-eager news reports, I cannot find anything official or concrete.

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He could be sending us a bit of a hint. Like 'I cannot wait to see you for the 125th...but I can't say anything right now. But be ready.' Maybe!?!?!

He could also just be saying he's looking forward to stopping at that Love's Truck Stop on I-25 while on a Montana to Colorado road trip. And he's looking forward to 'SEEING,' like with his eyes, the city of Cheyenne. You know, getting out of the car to stretch and looking at the city. "Hey, there's the capitol building" sort of thing.

He did talk about his famous 100th anniversary CFD buckle and his hopes for a 125th-anniversary one. With that piece of evidence, we can...kinda...surmise that Garth will be around to get a buckle. Something like that doesn't seem like the sort of thing that would be mailed. So maybe we can expect a buckle-gifting ceremony at least.

Garth goes on to say "Thanks for giving me some of the greatest moments of my come as well." Again a hint, a teaser, a taste of what is to come. Maybe?

I decided to look for more clues about the possibility of Garth coming to CFD. Here's what I found.

1. Cheyenne is the only city named in the title of a Garth Brooks single. There's just "Beaches of Cheyenne" from the 1995 Fresh Horses album. There are no songs with OKC or El Paso or any other place in the title.

Ohh wait, there "Calling Baton Rouge." OK, so Cheyenne is one of two songs with a city name in the title. Still a powerful clue.

2. Garth namechecks Chris LeDoux in his breakthrough single "Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old)." The 125th CFD looks to be all about honoring Wyoming's LeDoux. And Garh played with Chris at CFD in 1996, where he got his 100th-anniversary buckle!

3. Our friends at Townsquaremedia Cheyenne talked to Garth in early 2019 and asked him about returning to CFD. He said, "I can't invite myself...But if I could invite myself, having a 125th-anniversary belt buckle would be cool."

Garth Brooks New York Press Conference
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I don't know what more proof we need to show that Garth is coming to CFD in 2021. Well, except for an official announcement from CFD or Garth.

Even me, a person that does not like concerts, large crowds, or outside, wants to see Garth at the Daddy of 'Em All. I would stand in a line and sit next to other humans under the Wyoming sky to be at a Garth Broks show. It'd be even better if it was a Garth/Weird Al double bill, but I'll take what I can get.

But, until we get something official, we have plenty of information to speculate wildly for the next few months. Hey, that better than talking about the pandemic or politics, so we got that going for us.

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