The secret is out. Colorado, once a hidden gem of adventure and natural beauty, is continuing to step into the spotlight. Tourists from all corners of the globe are visiting Colorado. Many are packing their bags and moving to Colorado.

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WalletHub's recent study on the most fun states in America confirms what many residents and visitors already know: Colorado is a playground. From beautiful mountains to vibrant cities, Colorado truly has it all.

Colorado is the sixth most fun state in the country. The most fun state is California, and the least fun state is Mississippi.

I have lived all over the country. When I told my friends and family that I was moving to Colorado, they immediately told me they were going to visit ASAP. I call my house Hotel Chambers.

Here is why Colorado has ranked high on the fun meter and why we will continue to be invaded by more tourists every year.

Colorado Knows How to Party

concert bright lights

Colorado comes alive after dark with its vibrant nightlife, especially in cities like Denver, Fort Collins, and Boulder.

Whether you’re in the mood for a cozy bar, a club with a dress code, or a mouthwatering restaurant, the Centennial State has it all.

Also, Colorado is home to amazing music venues where you can see a concert every night. Red Rocks is a bucket-list venue that everybody needs to experience in their life at least once.

Do You Want to Adventure? Colorado Has Everything You Could Imagine

rock climbing in Colorado

If you’re a thrill-seeker, Colorado is a great place to call home. With its world-class skiing, heart-pounding whitewater rafting, exhilarating zip-lining, and challenging rock climbing routes, Colorado offers an adrenaline rush like no other.

Did I mention hiking? Every Coloradan needs to plan a 14er at least once. I haven’t yet, but I am looking forward to it simply for the views.

Let's Stop Bragging. Here Is Why Experts Say Colorado Is So Fun


Specialists say that the state of Colorado spends the most money by state and local governments on parks and recreational facilities.

In addition to that, out of the 50 states, Coloradans ranked second for the most amount of cash we spend on recreational activities.

In other words, Coloradans have the resources to have fun and we have no problem spending money to have fun.

What States Are More Fun Than Colorado?


According to the list, California is the most fun state in America. Colorado was ranked sixth. Florida, Nevada, New York, and Illinois ranked higher than Colorado.

Source: WalletHub

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