The Wild Feathers have released a brand-new, feel-good tune, "Jacksonville to Jackson Hole," written by the one and only Eric Church. Press play above to hear the track.

Although the current weather is a little more "winter wonderland" than "cross-country adventure," "Jacksonville to Jackson Hole" is a road trip song, the Wild Feathers shared in an Instagram Live video prior to releasing the track. In the easygoing song, the group reminisces about grabbing their girl and hitting the road.

"And we rocked as we rolled / Went from sunshine to snow / It was 'Look out below!' / Up on Copper Mountain," the Wild Feathers sing in the song's chorus. "We were free as the wind / Didn't want it to end / Wasn't love we were in / But we had it surrounded / Yeah, I still take that trip down memory road / From Jacksonville to Jackson Hole."

In their Instagram Live video, the Wild Feathers explained how they came across Church's song. The group was at their management company when they overheard "Jacksonville to Jackson Hole," and, right away, they knew they needed it. So, they asked Church if he would let them record the song -- and, clearly, he said yes.

Church's co-writer on "Jacksonville to Jackson Hole" is his frequent collaborator Casey Beathard. "Eric is one of our favorite songwriters, so having the opportunity to take one of his songs and making it our own is huge for us,” says the Wild Feathers' Ricky Young in a press release. “We’re especially excited about this new song because it captures the highway in a way that everyone can relate to.”

The Wild Feathers formed in 2010 and have released three albums since 2013. Ricky Young, Joel King, Taylor Burns and Ben Dumas, who comprise the quartet, take songwriting cues from acts such as the Eagles and Tom Petty. Each member of the group comes from a different part of the Southeast, and brings his own unique flavor to the music.

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