I can officially add this to my resume.

Well, it happened. I was struck by Cupid. Ok, I'm actually struck by Cupid every day of my life. That's what happens when you're married. Wow, that was cheesy, wasn't it? It was actually both my husband and I who were struck by Cupid this week. The other day there was a knock on our door. When I opened it, no one was there. However, there was a sweet treat (pictured above) sitting on our doorstep.

How cute is this?!

It's a Neighborhood Valentine and the idea is rooted in random acts of kindness. Since these chocolates are clearly sealed and wrapped (you can never be too careful), I happily scooped them up and ran inside. Now the ball is in my court to spread the love and have someone else be struck by Cupid.

According to the rules stated on the note, it's our job to place this note on our door so that we don't get struck again (since the idea is to share the love, not hog it) and work on doing this for someone else. We just have to print out this page and leave it on a doorstep with treats, activities, and love.

This is an easy thing to start in your neighborhood and you can find a printable Valentine at CraftCreateCook.com.

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