Is it just me or did our grandparents and parents feed us nasty treats when we were little? Today treat drawers are lined with Skittles and Snickers, when we were young we got a Ry Krisp. My wife was telling me just yesterday that her mom used to give her and her brothers and sisters a couple of wieners and a cup of vinegar for a snack. Did she hate them? What kind of snack is that? My great grandma used to make us cold gravy and molasses sandwiches. We would take them and bury them outside. Many days you would find the kids in the garden with a cup of sugar and stalk of rhubarb. Try getting a kid today to eat that. If we were really lucky you would find a piece of Dentyne or a brick-like chunk of Bit O Honey.

What did your elders try to pass off as a snack on you?

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