UCHealth Greeley Hospital sent home 48-year-old Denise Holscher last week after she was hospitalized with COVID-19 for six weeks. Denise finally saw her family after being separated for 42 days, according to UCHealth.

According to UCHealth, Holscher has been working as a licensed practical nurse for 27 years and contracted the coronavirus after working in a Greeley nursing home.

She felt symptoms within a day or two and was immediately sent to the hospital and put on a ventilator.

UCHealth sent Holscher off with a farewell round of applause as she was greeted by her husband, son, three dogs and one of her daughters.

Nurses are used to being the caretakers, and Holscher was feeling the polarity, stating from her hospital bed, “I like it more the other way around".

Holscher is looking forward to going out with her sisters and two daughters to get a pedicure sometime soon.

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