A cyber tip from Yahoo! Inc. in December 2021 has resulted in an arrest of a Greeley teacher. The tip's origination came from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children stating multiple images of child pornography were being shared through an IP address in a Weld County school.

Based on the information in the tip, the Greeley Police Department promptly opened up an investigation. The result of the investigation led detectives to identify 58-year-old Kenneth Magruder, a high school teacher at Greeley Central High School.

Magruder has been on leave since December 20, 2021, from Weld County District Six. On Tuesday, April 26, Magruder was placed under arrest on two counts of Sexual Exploitation of a minor.

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The Greeley Police Department worked in conjunction with the Department of Homeland Security Investigations, and District 6 Security to apprehend Magruder without incident. The Greeley Police Department believes that no students from District Six are victims in this case at the current time.

The Tip coming from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children state that numerous images of child pornography were shared from an IP address that belongs to Weld County District Six. The tip also indicated that the suspect was an employee of Weld County District Six.

The Greeley Police Department is asking anyone who has not been interviewed that may have information to please come forward and contact Detective Leslie Schmidt-Johnson at 970-350-9572.

Source: Greeley Police Department Facebook 

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