Sunday night will be the last concert on the big stage at the Greeley Stampede and it will be a great one. Chris Janson will headline the show and will rock the place but the opening act is going to leave people talking and wanting more. Granger Smith is one of the hottest new faces in country, enjoying the chart topping success of his hit "Backroad Song" and his current smash "If the Boot Fits". He will open the show and knock you out. You are also going to be exposed to the one and only Earl Dibbles Jr.

Earl Dibbles Jr.
Frederick Breedon IV, Getty Images

There are some of you who are wondering...who is the heck is Earl Dibbles Jr.? Earl is a fine, flag waving, beer drinking, redneck American who is also a character created by Granger Smith. Granger is so brilliant for coming up with this guy. We all have an Earl in our family or YOU may even be the Earl in your clan. I promise you by the end of the show you will be yelling "yee yee" with the rest of Earl's faithful followers. Get your tickets now and get ready for a great time Sunday night.

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